Dulcimers in the Schools  was created specifically for Teachers and their Students in grades 3-8.  The Teacher’s Manual contains information on everything teachers need in order to purchase, maintain, and teach music in their school using the dulcimer. Five lessons plans are also included to help you get started!  The Student version contains basic information any student would need in order to play the dulcimer.  Included are photos demonstrating how to hold, fret, and strum the dulcimer.  Fretting and strumming practice exercises are also provided. The teacher’s manual and student book contain identical music tablature of a variety of songs in DAA and DAd. You will find some of the same songs in both tunings as well as some additional songs for each tuning. You will also be able to download song lyrics for all songs provided in the books at this link.

These songs and materials have been field tested in 3rd and 4th grade classes in Clemmons, NC, and have been presented at the 2015 NCMEA Conference in Winston-Salem, NC. Some of these students performed as a student demonstration group for session attendees at the conference.

You may purchase any combination of these 2 books. 
Prices are: 

  • Student Book - $12.00 each
  • Teacher’s Manual - $45.00 each
  • Classroom Set* – 1 Teacher’s Manual and 10 Student Books - $120.00

 *When you purchase the Classroom Set, you will receive permission to make additional copies of the music tab to accommodate each student in the class for classroom instruction and/or performance only.

Click on the Teacher’s Manual Index and Tables of Contents below to see what information and songs are provided in the book.